Chadwick Everton

The guy in the Know


28 year old Arrakian
Dark hair, blue eyes, avg build


  • +5 Bureaucracy
  • +4 Resolve
  • +4 Charm
  • +3 Piloting
  • +3 Alertness
  • +3 Intimidation
  • +2 Stealth
  • +2 Slugthrowers
  • +2 Agility
  • +2 Assets
  • +1 Aircraft
  • +1 Brokerage
  • +1 Brawling
  • +1 Culture/Tech Arrakian
  • +1 Arts


  • Military Grade Bureaucracy
  • Military Grade Piloting
  • Military Grade Slugthrowers


  • I get around
  • I know Hi-lifes
  • I know Low-lifes
  • I know No-lifes
  • Smooth operator
  • Bio:

    The Evertons, Chad, Jr. and his wife Grace, were overjoyed to send robots announcing the arrival of Chadwick Everton III, to all kith and kin. Little Chad had only the best robots for teachers and learning helmets with the newest programming. When he was five he received his first hovercar and spent all of his free time racing all over the planet in it.

    Aspect I get around

    While in high school Chad Became very popular due to his good looks and ability to manipulate those around him. Once, on a dare, he passed himself off as a Carisiman diplomat and talked his way in to the governors ball.

    Aspect I know Hi-lifes

    During the high school graduation ceremony, where Chad was voted most likely to succeed, when he went up to receive his diploma as he pushed the button The computer spit out not a diploma with his name on it, but worse; an arrest warrant with his name on it. Chad was forced to flee as the authorities were moving in. The next two years was spent in hiding from the authorities, on the lam, trying to navigate the bureaucracy to restore my good name, and reclaim my life. Even my loving parents would have nothing to do with a wanted criminal. I was only able to succeed with the help of Hanz Gruber, knowing nothing of his warped sense of humor, I quickly took the envelope containing the documents that would restore my proper place in society. I was so pleased, when I opened the envelope to find that the warrant was quashed and my diploma was staring me in the face, how long I had struggled for this moment. Only when I dropped the envelope did I notice an additional sheet of paper that fell out, my commission to the Navy!

    Aspect I know low-lifes

    While in the Navy, my skill at piloting quickly became apparent and very useful. My skills of persuasion did too, as I rose through the ranks to become a major. As such I was given cushy duty such as running my own patrols of sentry robots at the base. Late one night shortly after my second round of patrol robots went out, one came right back with a wiry tattooed man in his clutches. I was bored so I listened to this guy, Gobeki Tepai, as he told a sob tale about some controller in a lab. Like I cared one way or another. However, as he detailed how he had lost it and had spent all his money in attempting to recover this controller, I could not help but reflect on how similar it was to my past struggle that I took pity on him. Did I mention that he grovels well? It is true, his debasing of himself didn’t hurt his case any either. I sent him to my quarters where I created a fiction on official government letterhead introducing him to the head of the lab as a new hire, willing and able to help in anyway he can. I also gave him a few credits to get cleaned up for his new job.

    Aspect I know no-lifes (Military Connections)

    Military life is rather dull, so I planned my exit. I seduced Mary-Jane Willorn, the Secretary to base commander, General Simon Slipshod, to place an honorable discharge form in a stack of papers for his signature. And for good measure I had her put a blank requisition form in the same pile. Now that I am free from service and have a few mementos from my time in the military, I am looking to get off-world quickly and explore the cluster.

    Aspect Smooth operator

    Chadwick Everton

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