Gil Hova

Gil Hova, pilot extraordinaire


5 – Pilot
4 – Slug Thrower
4 – Assets
3 – Navigation (Space)
3 – Agility
3 – Resolve
2 – Tactics
2 – Aircraft
2 – First Aid
2 – Culture/Tech (Arak, Varrens)
1 – EVA
1 – Brokerage
1 – Brawling
1 – Bureaucracy
1 – Vehicle


  • Military Grade Pilot
  • Letter of Marque
  • Military Grade Slug Thrower

Born on Zar’har’ra, Gil was constantly pushed to succeed by his father, even by society standards. His youth was spent in intense schooling and military academies.
Bookworm – no time for fun

Gil showed an aptitude for star-ship piloting, perhaps too much so. He enjoyed the temporary feeling of freedom that flying offered, and impressed his instructors. He started into a promising career. However, an unfortunate event was to case Gil to wash out of the military, and bring him enormous shame.
Hotshot Pilot

As chief navigator on a patrol-class combat vessel, Gil was on his way up in both status and rank – until that fateful day. His Captain was almost caught selling military secrets to some scuz named Tagget “Scuz” Sarzer. The Captain, however, was as clever as he was corrupt, and was able to push all the blame in the ensuing investigation onto Gil and Tagget. A lack of hard evidence for the more egregious charges, and the influence of his father, limited the damage to a dishonorable discharge – tragic enough in Gil’s families eyes. Disowned, Gil seethed that the Captain was untouched by the scandal – for now.
Payback is a MF

Fleeing off-world, Gil drifted from system to system. On Arrak, he met and studied Gobecki Teypai, hoping for some breakthrough insight into his alien tattoo might reveal secrets that would help restore him in the eyes of his father. Gil was no brilliant researcher, however – but his association with Gobecki did gain him an introduction to a high-ranking Triskillion. Risking everything on a last ditch bet, he won himself back into piloting.
Long shots sometimes do work

Now Gil has a line of credit, and a letter of marque from an influential syndicate on Triskillion. He’s not really interested in being a privateer, but believes that the protection it affords could come in handy. He hopes to sell his piloting skill until he can own his own ship in the clear, and return to Zar’har’ra to clear his name.
Everything has it’s price

Need for Approval

Gil Hova

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