Gobecki Teypai

‘Action archeologist with an alien connection’


Homeworld: Varren’s World

+5 Agility
+4 Alertness, Close Combat
+3 Archeologist, Computer, Slug Thrower
+2 EVA, Stealth, Vehicle, Stamina
+1 Culture/Tech (Varren’s World, Arrak), Medical, Survival, Charm, Intimidation

Alien Tattoo (Danger sense); Lucky; MG Alertness

Stress Tracks:
Health [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (Four Boxes due to Stamina of 2)
Composure [ ] [ ] [ ] (Standard 3 boxes)
Wealth [ ] [ ] [ ] (Standard 3 boxes)
Consequence [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] (Stunt of Lucky to 2/3/4 instead of 1/2/4)




Phase One: Growing Up
I had a simple childhood, growing up as a nomadic eel fisher chasing the schools of eels as they migrated from lake to lake on Varren’s World. I loved the simplicity of this childhood swimming and climbing on the lake filled world. One day while exploring by myself, I found an underwater cave where there was a left over alien artifact and I blacked out. Days later I was found floating in the lake with an alien tattoo covering half my body.
– Aspect 1: Alien nanotech tattoo

Phase Two: Starting Out
Despite this odd appearance, I took readily to the sciences and was employed as an underwater miner as I worked through upper education schooling. I applied my geological and archeological knowledge to track down remaining veins of ores on the mineral poor planet. There I encountered and woke a Sleeper, one of the remnants of the aliens who had visited this planet who left their deadly machines behind. I was able to de-energize the sleeper before it could leave a path of devastation by de-activating the controller.
– Aspect 2: Intuitive leap of logic

Phase Three: Moment of Crisis
The danger of Sleepers on Varren’s World gave me some notoriety and I was sponsored to take the controller to the world of Arrak – since relations with the neighboring Triskelion and Zar’Har’Ra are always tense. In the bureaucratic pleasure world of Arrak, the alien controller got ‘lost’ and I was in the process of being thrown off planet – penniless and adrift in an archeology. Chadwick, a native of Arrak, came to my aid and intervened. While he was unable to recover the lost artifact he was able to get the officials to instate me at the University of Outer World Investigations (UOWI) as a researcher and TA.
– Aspect 3: Out of his depth

Phase Four: Sidetracked
One of the reasons that I was instated at the UOWI was my tattoo. One visiting researcher, Gil, wanted to study the tattoo based upon some information he had uncovered while in the military. Gil was making some progress in isolating and communicating with the tattoo nano-machines. However, while trying to communicate them into allowing a sample, there seemed to be this momentary flash where I seemed mentally connected to the machines and Gil. Gil never remembered this experience, and seemed to lose interest in the research as well. I kept the noted and communication procedures but have not continued in that direction as I do not want to damage the tattoo.
– Aspect 4: Alien tattoo protects its own

Phase Five: On Your Own
The work at UOWI has been interesting, but too sedentary. Working out in the Athletic Center and competing in the amateur fighting competitions are getting wearisome. The few field investigations are where my interests are, and I need to get out in the field more to put these pieces together and figure out my own internal artifact.
– Aspect 5: Action Archeologist

- Aspect 6: Agility

Gobecki Teypai

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