Hanz Francis Gruber

Science and Communications Specialist


Name: Hanz Francis Gruber
Age: 27
Homeworld: Ekos


1. Born into the Ekosian Scientist Caste
- Ekosian Braniac

2. While assigned to Slipstream research, escaped Ekos Satellite One by stowing away on an Arrakian Trader.
- Renegade Military Scientist

3. Hanz gets in trouble trying to sell military technology to a Triskelion pit boss. The boss imprisons Hanz, but Scuz Sarzer breaks him out.
- Don’t Get Greedy

4. It was trivially easy to reprogram the Arrakian Central Computer to give Chadwick a diploma and a commission.
- Helping Others Feels Good

5. Hanz is looking to find a ship and a crew so he can explore the mysteries of the cluster.
- That’s Not My Real Name

6. – Fascinating…


+5 Science (Physics)
+4 Computer, Culture/Tech
+3 Communications, Medical, Repair
+2 Charm, Engineering, Gunnery, Intimidation
+1 Brawling, EVA, Resolve, Stamina, Slug Throwers

Military Grade Brawling, Communications & Slug Throwers



Hanz Francis Gruber

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