• Tech: +1 (Exploiting the system)
  • Environment: -1 (Survivable World)
  • Resources: -2 (Needs Imports)
  • Aspects
    • Enforced Homogeneity
    • You live for the system
    • Gone underground

Hope was once much more geologically active than it now is, which has left large underground caverns riddling the planet’s crust. This is very fortunate, considering the fact that the air is so thin at the surface that life is barely sustainable. The caverns are fairly comfortable, and the proximity to the planet’s core affords the inhabitants both heat and a source of power. But life is far from easy.

Since sustaining life takes a concerted effort, Hope has evolved into a highly regimented (some might say oppressive) society. In addition, the original founders had a strong imperative to eradicate racism and sexism. Unfortunately, over the generations, this has lead (through genetic and social manipulation) to hyper-homogeneity. Almost all sexual dimorphism is gone. Everyone is light-brown skinned with straight black hair and brown eyes. The people are not clones, but they do all look like siblings more than anything else.

Hope is also running low on resources. The planet itself has been fairly stripped of most heavy metals, and now they are harvesting the asteroids, but pickings there are slim.

Hope image


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