Varren's World

  • Tech: 0 (Exploring the system)
  • Environment: 0 (One Garden World)
  • Resources: -1 (Almost Viable)
  • Aspects
    • Others were here once
    • Don’t wake the sleepers
    • Lakes. Lakes everywhere

Varren’s world is a fairly lush, pleasant world. There are few mountains, and few large bodies of water. But what there is are lakes. Millions of them. Everywhere. Some just a few kilometers across, some a hundred kilometers or larger. But they riddle the planet like a patchwork quilt. Water makes up just about 60% of the world.

Some time in the world’s past there must have been an extremely advanced technological civilization that collapsed into singularity. Very few traces are left, and if you were to look casually, you would have no idea that anyone had been on this planet before its current inhabitants. But the predecessors left things behind. Most of them submerged under the larger lakes. Giant, monstrous, techno-organic entities. Slumbering.

On occasion they awake and start destroying any nearby cities or habitats. Most of the Varren’s World’s army is amphibious, and dedicated to putting down the sleepers whenever one awakes and starts to rampage.

Varren s world 2

Varren's World

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