Tagget "Scuz" Sarzer

Crack Engineer with a scam on the side


Homeworld: Triskelion
Age: 32

+5 Engineering
+4 Bureaucracy, Charm
+3 Brokerage, EVA, Slug Throwers
+2 MicroG Combat, Pilot, Alertness, Culture/Tech (Triskellion, Carisima, Arrak)
+1 Vehicle, Navigation, Agility, Resolve, Stealth

MG Engineering, Have a Thing (ship), Fix Anything (use Engineering for Repair)

Stress Tracks:
Health: O O O
Composure: O O O O
Wealth: O O O

Grew up on the streets
Machines: I talk to them
In over his head
Stickin’ it to the man
Always working the angles
Engineer for hire


Phase One: growing up
Skuz grew up on the streets of Triskelion eking out a living in any way possible. He learned at an early age that you need to take advantage of others before they take advantage of you…
– Aspect: Grew up on the streets

Phase Two: starting out
Scuz did pretty well for himself in the occupational lottery, gaining a position in the space navy as a starship mechanic. He had a natural affinity for machines and (more importantly) it lifted him up out of a life of petty crime.
– Aspect: Machines: I talk to them

Phase Three: moment of crisis
While running a giant scam selling military secret to the Zar’Har’Ra military, Scuz gets in completely over his head. When things go from bad to worse, he ends up getting drummed out of the space navy, and in the process get’s Gill’s captain implicated in the entire mess.
– Aspect: In over his head

Phase Four: sidetracked
While in the navy (while home on shore-leave), Skuz visits his mother and the sector he grew up in. He manages to get involved with an Ekosian who has run afoul of the local Pit Boss and he decided to help the guy out while settling some old scores.
– Aspect: Stickin’ it to the man

Phase Five: on your own
Scuz now finds himself on Carisima of all places! The irony is fairly palpable. But he needed a job, and they had some big piece of Arrakan tech that was giving them fits, so who was he to say no to a fairly fat freelance job. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to move on. The scam with the pleasure dome looks like it’s gonna turn sour…
– Aspect: Always working the angles

Character Defining Aspect; Engineer for hire

Tagget "Scuz" Sarzer

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