• Tech: +2 (Slipstream Use)
  • Environment: -1 (Survivable)
  • Resources: +3 (Multiple Exports)
  • Aspects
    • Artificial Suns
    • Bare as a rock
    • You Bet Your Life!

Triskelion is an unusual system by any measure. Those on the systems only planet, Triskelion Prime, think that the suns rotate around them – and they are pretty much right.

The system resembles a carbon atom. Two small suns rotate in balance, in relatively near orbit. Four not much larger suns, again in impossible balance, rotate in far orbit. None of the stars are very large, and Triskelion Prime itself is relatively massive. The system appears to be clearly intelligently constructed, as such an arrangement should not only never form, but should not continue to be stable – yet, there it is. It is the subject of much study and speculation, but little in the way of plausible explanations.


The planet itself is subject to short day/twilight cycles – with so many suns, it is never night. The surface is largely uninhabitable, apart from narrow bands. However, for as long as it’s recorded history, the primary livable area has been underground, and underwater. Much terraforming and technology has gone into making the subterranean world habitable. While the planet is not lush in terms of living comfort, it is very rich in both minerals and unusual conditions for both natural and artificial production.

The culture of Triskelion has long been one centered around wagering. Most of the inhabitants are very skilled in making thoughtful bets – ones that minimize risk, but maximize gain. Not everything is a bet – day to day life must progress – but many business transactions involve wagers. For a long time, this has separated the society into a wealthy class of skilled and lucky gamblers, a middle-class of cautious speculators, and indentured slave-like class of the unlucky or incautious.

Since contact, a seemingly unending supply of visitors and traders have come – many willing to risk much in hopes of striking it rich. This has provided Triskelion with sources of both much-needed offworld resources, and a new labor pool. Both off-worlders and the Triskelion elite have taken steps to insure that such traffic is kept within reason – largely based on what the Triskelions believe the other societies will stand for.


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